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Sometimes life throws a lemon tree at you and says, "Catch."

It cost me $11.75 to ride the bus today.
I needed bus fare (cash) so I went to 7-11 and used their ATM; fees: $3.25
Bus fare on the way there was $1.75 and included two transfers. Total thus far: $5
I assumed bus fare on the way back would be the same. So I put in $1.75 and asked for a transfer card. I was then told that it was an additional $0.25 for a transfer. I had no additional change on me, so I had to pay the additional $0.25 fee with a $5 bill. Because you have to pay with exact change, I lost any overpayment. Total fare on the ride back: $6.75.
Total bus fare paid (including stupid fees) $11.75

That sucked ass.

However, meeting with my cooperating teacher once again went very well. I got books for 5 out of 6 of the classes I'll be teaching. (I'm hoping 6 classes isn't too much.) And he had a lot of printouts for the political unit that I'll be writing. Of course, I managed to leave all of those in his office. Hopefully Julie will pick them up for me when she goes over there on Wednesday.

Ugh, I have such a headache right now it's not even funny.

"There never was an afternoon that couldn't be improved by having us together in it."
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