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"Smile for your bunny"

I like Chris's ring. I think he will too.

What is the proper way to type and pronounce possessives at the end of names or words that end in "s"? I never know if it should be Chris's or Chris' and if it should be pronounced Chris or Chrises.

And we're done with the randonmess.

My computer is possessed. At first I thought it was just stupid or broken, because the sound stopped working on yahoo IM even though it's still working on Winamp. But now I'm sure it's possessed. Here's why: I have a website set up at Houston Chronicle online where I can view a whole bunch of comics at once for free. They just changed to a register system where you have to register to view. I did awhile back but I never got the confirmation email cause hotmail put it in bulk mail and I never read that. So I emailed them and they said they put it in manually and I should be good to go. So then I went to their website and logged in and when I hit login it opened my yahoo mail. In case you didn't quite get that, let me paste the email that the lady sent me when I told her:

"Let me try to understand. When you are at our log in screen, and you type in your email address,, and then your password and click log in you are taken to the yahoo website? Try deleting your cookies, and then logging in again."

I did the cookies thing and it still didn't work. But then I clicked the link anyway and I got to my comics. Whatever, it was way weird, and my computer is totally possessed.

And lastly, I absolutely love Hi-Fi Revival by the Supertones. Here's one of my favorite songs on it cause it's absolutely me:

I woke up in the morning,
and realized what a jerk I've been,
feel like I need to call up,
and say I'm sorry to all my friends,
now I see how God's working,
sensitzing that part of me,
I've been learning the difference,
between attitude and identity,

I'm sorry about who I am,
it's not who I'm tryin' to be.

For some reason my bad attitude comes so easily,

love is like an addiction,
and I hope that I'm getting hooked.
Spread it like an infection,
seein' Christ everywhere I look,
I don't want to be known as,
the handsome guy with the attitude
I'm sick of makin' excuses,
its not ok for me to be rude.


You're breaking down my defenses,
and I'm finding I'm not so hard,
love is knocking me senseless,
love is catchin' me off my guard,
and now this chip on my shoulder,
is losing some of its jaggedness.
Lord, I want to draw closer,
leave behind all my bitterness.

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