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More Supertones lyrics...

"Hard's the road that I have taken,
But I walk it unforsaken.
I rejoice in trouble and pain because,
I feel my heart begin to change...
Here's my heart, oh please just take it,
I'm afraid,
But please just break it."
~Brand New Thing

"But I'm still here,
And I'm tired,
tired of sin and struggling,
tired of almost everthing
and sometimes,
small and cleam
I could swear that I could hear
angels voices in my ear sayin' welcome home."
~Welcome Home

"and mine is to know You
mine is to break down
and shatter to pieces
and lose everything I've found...
I'm finding that I'm not who I once thought I was
I'm finding I'm powerless to obtain Your love
And that the only gifts I bring to You are rags and failures
through a strange exchange You've made them myrrh and gold."
~Hold On To Jesus

"live you life like it's a celebration,
blind the world with a heart that's like a sun...
Never ever be ashamed of your light,
you're a star in a time of midnight,
and everybody's gonna try to put you out,
but they don't understand the way we're livin'
they think we're foolish for what we believe in,
and that might bother me if I cared what they think."
~Go, Go, Go

"It's so hard to swallow pride
When you're all stuffed with sin inside"
~Let It Go

"Cuz I've seen love fail
I've been betrayed
I've seen love pass
I've seen love fade
But I know that God is not that way
He doesn't change from day to day
He doesn't fail he doesn't leave
And I want that so desperately"
~Perfect Love

"If it's hip to be dead inside
I'd rather be a fool
Cuz life is way too precious
To spend it bein' cool"
~Birth of the Uncool

"I won't sit around while
My life is passin' by
I might not get it right
But I'm gonna try...
The stones will by cryin' out
If I shut my mouth
Before they can do it
I wanna beat em to it"
~Glory Hallelujah

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