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Platypusary is a funny word.

I feel kind of blah today. I really don't know why. Troy offered to buy me Chinese food, which is really cool, so I get to have a yummy dinner instead of the "Tailgate" outdoor picnic thing at Marriot, which really consists of trying to eat your food without getting stung by or accidentally swallowing one of the many bees that seem to come with the food.

Then Jordan and I are getting Flogging Molly Tickets. Hopefully he can buy them and I can write him a check when I get paid. But that is also cool and not a reason for me to feel blah. Then we're hanging out until Holly is done babysitting, and that should also be fun.

Then he and Holly are going to a party at Josh and Matt's that I did not get invited to and cannot afford to go to (I have NO CASH whatsoever at the moment--note Troy is buying me food, I'm using my credit card--and there's a $5 cover charge) even if I had been invited and would probably not enjoy very much if I did go to anyway. So that shouldn't be a reason to feel blah.

I need to work on my unit plan. I just don't know how to organize it. I'd like to talk to my cooperating teacher or supervising professor about it. So I guess that just might have to wait.

I hope my Chinese gets here soon. I'm hungry.

I'm also very addicted to a new game on yahoo, Inspector Parker or whatever.

Food, food, food, everything is food.
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