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I have a few minutes to breathe today!

You know what's funny?

Some people really hate it when their friends page is full of really long entries, and would prefer that people lj-cut entries over like a paragraph. I really am not sure of the reason for this. I understand cutting more than one picture because some people only have so much bandwidth or whatever, but I don't understand when it's just text, unless it's over 6 paragraphs or it has things like song lyrics in it. But cutting shorter posts just to make them really really short drive me nuts. I hate having to open a new window every time I want to read an entry on my friends page. And I keep my friends page full of stuff anyway (it has the most recent 37 entries that my friends have posted). While I may skim over really long entries, I also tend to ignore entries that consist of one lj-cut and nothing else.

That's all. End rant.

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