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End of the week.

I had a pretty good day. I got up a little late but got to the parking garage only a few minutes after Julie. Turned in my first lesson plan, I teach it on Monday. I've done a little bit of review in the first class in the morning, but this will be my first lesson. It's a little different. I hope the students like it. Overall, student teaching isn't too bad. It's taking up a lot of time. With dinner, trying to exercise, trying to work in the writing center to make some money to pay bills, and going to bed by 11 so I can get up at 6-630 every morning, AND trying to do lesson planning and things AND my class on Wednesday nights, it's really hard to have any time for anything else. Or anyone else. The only reason I've seen Jordan all week is cause I eat dinner at the same time as him, and we work out together, and we work together. I live with four other friends and I've seen them each for probably a total of 30 minutes each this week.

I got a letter from Burkee today. She says she's pretty happy, and she really miises livejournal, and knowing what is going on in everyone's life. She's enjoying a lot of the pt and stuff there, though. And she says hi.

I think I have decided that, as much as I can, (which probably won't be much once I really start student teaching fulltime) Friday's are going to be my "off day." That means working my butt of Saturday and Sunday to really prepare for the weekend, but I really think I can do it. I hope. I can.

"...those who complain will accept instruction." I read that in Isaiah the other night, it really felt like it applied to me. You know, seeing as I never stop complaining. I don't know, I really hope I learn this semester.

Jordan's parents took Holly, Jordan, and I out to dinner at a nice restaurant tonight. It's actually where Holly and Jordan got engaged. The food was excellent. We had a really nice wine with dinner, too. I don't usually like red wines but this was very good. And we had dessert and a nice dessert wine too. I don't know the names of either, sorry. And then after dinner we went to the Concordia production of Proof. I now really want to play Catherine. It's excellent. The acting was very well done, though of course I kept thinking about being up there, and what I would have done, and how this scene would have been challenging and that scene would have been fun. I told the Dollars at dinner that I hadn't done anything with theater all semester so far and I was enjoying it...and I was, until I saw what I wasn't doing.

And then I got back to my dorm and delayed going back to my room for awhile. I wasn't sure why until I walked in and got hit with an overwhelming need to be with Chris. I wanted so much to come home to him tonight. Just to lie in bed and cuddle with him while talking about the day. I want to just lie next to him in bed and stare up at him. I want to be hugged and kissed and held. I want to fall asleep next to him and wake up next to him. I have no idea why this semester should be so much worse than either of the others, but it is and it sucks. That's all.

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