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I'm a rover, can you love me anyway...

I need to charge my phone card. I really want to, I miss hearing Chris's voice so much. But I also miss having money to pay for credit card bills. Sigh. Aw, well. I added a pic to my Eternal Sushine icon, I like it better now. For some reason I like things in threes more than in twos.

So today I got to school and I didn't have my cards that I had made up for the lesson I was teaching first period. I thought I had left them at school, but they weren't there. I don't even know where they are actually, cause I couldn't find them when I got home either. But I pulled together and made some new ones during homeroom, and it worked out fine.

Jordan, I meant to tell you, the kids reacted exactly as you said they would. It took awhile for the procedure to kick in, but once it did, they all acted like it was the dumbest thing ever to go up to the front, and that I was the dumbest teacher ever for making them, but they didn't seem to put up that big a fight. And when class was almost over I asked them how they liked the activity and a few people said it was fun, and that it helped. So hopefully it was a good thing. Overall Mr. S. said my lesson went well, although he could tell I was a little nervous. So anyway, that was good.

I miss Ben. I gave Jordan a headrub tonight, and it made me think of him. And Chris of course, who is my favorite person to give head rubs to. NO JOKES NECESSARY.

Broken angel take that plane and finger paint the sky till everything shines.

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