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It's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission

Two humourous things I read today in friends' livejournals:

"I have a boyfriend now so neither of us hang out with people of the opposite sex."
Wow. I am so glad I'm engaged now so that I can still hang out with boys. That would just be totally ridiculous.

And Matt posted this so I'm just linking to his LJ, but I thought it was rather funny. He cut it as "The Empire Strikes Back: The Extra-Extra Super Edition." Not having seen the original trilogy 100 million times, I don't know if it's totally accurate or not, but it's funny nonetheless.

And I have two lesson plans to write tonight. Considering the last one I wrote took me 36 hours or so to write, I'm not worried. Not at all.

I still think my friends are on crack. But ah, well.
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