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I have managed to procrastinate for at least an hour so far tonight.

So I got my first evaluation today. I got mostly 4's. Out of 5. So I was really excited. I worked extra hard on the lesson, too, and tried to think through all the kinks. I think I've been doing a fairly good job so far, but today was really good. She said she was impressed with one part especially: I had made up a list of five problems to use as examples, and while we went through them I realized that the third one was a really bad example because it really needed them to understand something they hadn't learned yet. And I picked up on that right away and told them to forget about it because it was a bad example, and she said that usually it takes a lot more experience for student teachers to pick up on something like that. The fact that I got it right away she said was impressive. So that was rather exciting, I thought. Overall, it really went pretty well.

I'm already tired and I still have at least one lesson plan to write up. Sigh.

And now for something completely different. Apparently Lindsey Lohan is a major BITCH. Some radio guys where talking about how they hate her, and the female on the show was defensive but then the guy started telling stories of how she's just a snotty self-centered diva princess BITCH. She was at a bakery and she wanted a blueberry muffin, but they were out. So she starts flipping out, yelling at the guy behind the counter, ranting and raving about how this is a bakery and how could they be out of blueberry muffins, what's wrong with them, blah blah BITCH. And the bakery guy offers her any other muffin for free and she's all "I want blueberry." And this little kid hears her going on and comes up to her and says, "You can have my blueberry muffin." And she looks down at the kid and snaps, "Thanks" and takes the muffin. WTF? SHE TOOK THE MUFFIN FROM THE KID.

So the lady on the show is saying maybe she was having a bad day, and one of the guys (who really dislikes her apparently) says he's been stockpiling stories just to prove that it's not a once in a while occurrance. Apparently she and her boyfriend (Fes from That 70's Show) frequent this one restaurant all the time and the waitstaff HATES her. She'll always try to order alcohol and, not being 21, they won't serve her and she gets all pissed off. Apparently one day she stood up and said, "I want a screwdriver!" She also likes to use the phrase "Do you know who I am? Haven't you ever seen a celebrity before?" And on this occassion, a few younger girls came up to her table and told her they had seen Freaky Friday a whole bunch of times and could they have her autograph. And the bitch holds up her hand palm outward and snaps her fingers for the waiter, and asks him to "get these little pests out of here, and why are they disturbing us to begin with?" or something like that. HELLO??!?! These are your FANS not to mention impressionable young children who look up to you. And he added in the story that a few tables away on this occassion there were some middle aged guys trying to figure out who sho was, and in the end of the night they paid for her bill (something like $400) and left a note saying "With the money you saved on this meal you should buy yourself some charm."

Ugh. I always thought it was funny that she plays the outcast who is always up against the popular beautiful mean snob when in real life she was much more likely to be the mean beautiful popular snob. I didn't think I was THAT right. She's so off the list.

EDIT: This is another story about her being a bitch. And apparently Disney is thinking of replacing her in the new Herbie movie because she's partying ILLEGALLY so hard she's hungover every day and it's affecting her performance. Geez, girl, you are NOT ALL THAT.

By the way, WOW IS THE WEATHER GORGEOUS! It's after 8 and it's still so warm outside I can have the window open! That's amazing.

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