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Well, I guess the rough unit outline thing is done. Ugh. Glad that's over with for now, though.

Stupid Lisa,

When you still have to plan a lesson for Monday's class it would be really beneficial to bring home the book for the class so you have some idea of what to do for the lesson. Brilliant job, blondie.

Smart Lisa

I heard a very funny blond joke yesterday.
What did the blond say after her doctor told her she was pregnant?
"Is it mine?"

Cause I
gonna make you see
there's nobody else here
no one like me
I'm special
So special
I gotta have some of your attention

I really need to clean. I really don't want to. I have to plan two more lessons. I don't want to. I need to learn that life is not about doing what you want all the time. I need to stop hitting the refresh page on my friends list. Yeah. Okay. Cleaning. As soon as I'm finished eating. Eating Time comes before Cleaning Time, which is before Pants Time.


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