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Nap + Medicine = Insomnia

I'm sick.

I'm absolutely wide awake.

I bet you ten dollars we have a fire drill tonight. But I guess that's okay, aside from really not wanting to hang around outside while it's cold and I'm feverish, I at least get to sleep as much as I can tomorrow, once I finally get to sleep tonight.

My best friend is going away for awhile. I guess I'll get a dose of what he'll be in for next semester when I leave. Except he won't have AIM and I won't have time. Well, maybe with him not around I might. But still, I think know I'd rather have him around and be pressed for time than not. But it's what he needs, and that's good. It hit me kind of hard, though. I guess that can happen at 12:30 in the morning maybe.

And I was really looking forward to Lost In Translation this weekend. And I kind of got stuck with some lighting stuff now. And I, I, I, I. And I know that he'll miss me too. I know that.

Everthing looks darker in the middle of the night, Lisa. It's not that bad. If you cry you'll feel like shit physically as well and that won't go away in the morning. Just go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and things will not look so bad. Didn't you just say that earlier?

Okay. I wish that I'll fall asleep soon. Tomorrow would be good.

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