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What Funny Picture are YOU? (really hilarious pics)
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Yeah, that's the pic for I REALLY need a hug.

I feel acutely alone right now.

I'm so behind. And you know what? It's more fun to go out than to sit and talk on the computer. That's just it. It is more fun to hang out in person than to talk on IM or the phone. So does that make me a horrible person for picking the more fun one over the not as much fun one most of the time? I don't always pick it. But when I have a choice most of the time I pick the fun one. Maybe I need to sacrifice that time. Maybe that's my fault. In picking the fun thing I'm picking the easy way, which is what I was criticizing Chris for doing anyway. Okay. So that's what I need to do. Chris, you don't have to pull away. If I would ask you to do it the hard way then I can do it the hard way too. So I'll call you more and talk to you more. There. I think that's a better solution. Don't you?

I can't call you tonight because you're at work. So I'll call you in the morning, cause that means getting up early and that's hard to do. There.
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