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Screw student teaching, portfolios, and matrices. Anyone else want in while I'm screwing things?

I'm about ready to quit school and go be a groupie for Flogging Molly on their European tour. Jordan, wanna come? Anne you can join us if you want. I figure I can probably sell myself for spending money and the band will probably buy us alcohol so that's taken care of. Since we'll be groupies we'll be sleeping with the band members so that'll take care of places to stay. And they'll be so much Guinness flying around during concerts our skin will be very healthy, cause apparently that's good for it. I think I like this plan. It's even better than our Mexico one, Jordan. Let's go for it.

I probably shouldn't have had Amp today. I'm half tired and half wired and all annoyed at myself and incredibly distracted and unable to focus or want to work and only some of that is really to blame on the Amp. I have also been writing really badly constructed sentences today. I want new icons. I don't know what of. Well, I do know one...let's go make it now!

Ah, made. Not like it was hard or something.

I should go eat if I plan on eating tonight. Still very half-wired feeling. Son of a monkey.

I think I'll watch the new Red vs. Blue again.

Someone tie me down and make me do homework. Okay, first you can do naughty things to me, but homework after that okay?

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