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Today has been pretty good so far, too.

I was surprised I wasn't more tired yesterday seeing as we had the fire drill and I only got about 2 hours of sleep. But I didn't start to feel crappy until later, after school, anyway, so that was good.

Today I got a little more sleep but still not enough. But so far it's been pretty good, even though it started with Julie and I almost being late because she overslept. I'm not sure when she woke up but I called at 7:10 and she didn't answer but when I called at 7:20 she did, so I think my first call woke her up.

Did she say she was sorry she was late? Of course not. I'm trying to remember if I've ever heard Julie apologize, regardless of whether it was her fault or not, regardless of whether she was wrong or not, regardless of whether she hurt someone's feelings or not. I suppose she might if it was her fault, she was wrong, AND she hurt someone's feelings all together. I don't know, maybe it's selfish, but I just can't help but think about the fact that she wasn't sure she wanted to take me to school because "if you're late I don't want to have to wait for you if I have to be there." Well, we have decided to meet at 7 every morning. I am there every morning between 7 and 7:05, usually by 7. Julie has never been there by 7 but ONCE. In four weeks. Most of the time she's there at 7:05 or later. When someone tells you that they want to be there by a certain time and they don't want you to make them late, it looks really insincere when you are constantly late yourself. It's just so frustrating, and it doesn't matter to her if she's not there by 7:30 because her cooperating teacher isn't there by 7:30 most of the time, she doesn't have to take care of homeroom duties, and she has first period free to do any photocopying she needs before class. I have a cooperating teacher who thinks it's professional to be here by 7:30 (and I agree), I have to do homeroom responsibilities (except Mr. S did them for me today because he knew it wasn't my fault I was late) and I have a class to teach first hour. If it was the other way around and I was constantly making her late I think she would have told me to get a new ride by now. But I can't do anything except deal with it or take the bus and still not have a guaranteed arrival on time. </rant>

But my lessons for today have gone pretty well.  I taught for three in a row this morning, and that was hectic, but still good.  And even my lower level class seemed to have some ideas for different ways to tally votes, so that was neat.  Alright, back to the real world.  This was going to be a quick entry, too.


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