Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

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One week...and counting down...

So I'm really looking forward to my birthday next week and I don't know why. I'm not doing anything in particular and I have no plans and I will probably have to work on homework but for some reason I'm excited about it already. I dunno, I know I'm getting a few presents and I think that's part of it. It's just weird, I'm never usually this excited about my birthday. Even last year when someone came to visit me, and I turned 21, and I got taken out, I still don't remember being this excited about it. I don't know, it's weird, I'm probably going to end up not really doing anything like I said before but I'm just kind of excited about it.

Anyway, that's kind of a repetitive entry. Sorry about that.
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