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So yesterday evening was atrocious. I had a sorta stressful day at school and then I left my keys sitting on the desk. On any weekday that wouldn't be so bad, but it's the weekend and they have Polish school, some people who come in and use the school building and apparently they aren't very considerate of other people's things. So I'm really worried about that. And when I get back I go to my RD to get a loaner key, and she was mean to me about it. She said, "What would you do if I wasn't here?" and not in a fun, joking way, but in a "you're so irresponsible" way. Well, I guess I would go to the RD on duty because THAT'S PART OF YOUR JOB. If I lived in a house I would keep a spare key. If I was allowed to I'd do the same in an apartment. If I wasn't I'd talk to the apartment manager, cause isn't that part of their job? If nothing else I'd find a friend I could crash with. The last part is the only thing I told her. And she gives me the key and she's like, do you have anything valuable to give me for it? And I know it's probably just policy or whatever but it still makes me feel pretty untrustworthy and like crap, mostly again cause of her tone of voice.

So I got into my room and I just cried for almost an hour. I think just everything on top of everything else, the last thing I needed was for her to be mean to me. So I'm gonna go talk to the dean sometime soon, if I even can. Argh. Anyway, then I ordered Chinese and put on Life or Something Like It and watched that, and fell asleep while watching it. And then Chris called. First off, HE called ME which he hasn't done in like two weeks. And we had a really good talk about all the bad stuff that has been going on and things are a whole lot better. And we talked for awhile and then I went to bed before midnight. I didn't fall asleep for awhile, but I was still in bed by midnight. And now it's tomorrow, which is today, and I have a lot of work I need to do. And tomorrow is a very important day! It's an open house at my school. Yep. Might be something else, too, I dunno.

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