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Spring Break

My Spring Break really really rocked.

Friday-Sunday, March 1-3
Went to the first weekend of the LCMS Ohio District Junior High Youth Gathering with Fish Out Of Water. It rocked. I had a good time, for the most part. A few issues here and there, nothing huge. My mom lost a tire on the way to pick me up. That was interesting, I wasn't there, though. Developed a crush on It Fitz of the Fitz Family. It would be very cool if he were to come to CURF in a few years, though I'd be a senior by then anyway. Bought a diabolo, got my sisters addicted. I think that sums up that weekend.

Monday, March 4
Woke up sick, slept for most of the day. That sums that day up, but it was nice, I liked lazing around the house. It was good to be home, although the fridge was empty, I had more food in my dorm room than mom did in the house.

Tuesday, March 5
Spent the day with Troy. I was still a little sick; ended up mostly sleeping at his house anyway. Still had a nice time. He gave me tulips that I wish I could have brought back to school with me. I need a taste of spring at the moment. Best part of the day: he cooked mashed potatoes for me, real mashed potatoes. This is how that went:
(Troy just put the potatoes in to boil, I'm in the living room)
T: "Do you peel the potatoes before you cook them?"
L: "Yes, Troy, and you cut them into quarters so they boil faster"
"Oh." (Five minutes later, after he peels and cuts them)"Don't you like mashed potatoes with skins?"
"Yes, I do, but I just never make them that way"
(Ten minutes later)
"How do you know when they're done?"
"Stick a fork in them, and if they are soft and it comes right out, they're done"
"It came right out"
"Troy, the fork didn't even go in the potato."
(Ten more minutes later)
"Do you add anything to them when you mash them?"
"Yes, get out the butter and milk, I'll mash the potatoes."
It was very cute.

Wednesday, March 6
Spent some time with Melissa. That was great. She even called me and said we needed to get together, not vice-versa. I was very excited about that. We went to the mall where Timmy works, he wasn't there though. And Gadzooks was very disappointing. Their Anarchy cologne was really lousy-smelling, nothing like I was hoping for. But the time spent reminiscing with Giggles was great.

I also found out that I definetly get to fly to DC during my Easter break, that's very cool, I'm excited about it. Never been there before. Get to see a friend I haven't seen for a couple of months. Lotsa fun stuff.

Thursday, March 7
Went up to Westland. Saw Brenner, caught up a bit. That was nice. She's prego again, in case anyone cares. Money's gonna be a bit tight around the Brenner household. Joel is adorable.
Then I went out to dinner and a movie with Brewer, who like the extreme gentleman that he is, would not let me pay for anything and opened the car door for me every time. (In addition to driving me around even though I invited him out, but that was just cause I'm still pathetically licenseless.) We ate at Applebee's and saw We Were Soldiers. Mel is great, but even that aside I really liked the movie. We talked a lot about high school and ROTC and how much we missed it (ROTC not high school, he's so ready to graduate, I remember those days). We reminisced a lot about JROTC camp. That was great. I remember SGM giving me "flowers" that I still have...canoeing on the most beautiful river I've ever been on...Rose making me do 50 push-ups cause I really deserved it, and Brewer doing them with me...stealing Brewers hat and not giving it back til camp was was great fun. I miss it a lot. Brewer misses being bossed around, I miss marching in drill team. Even though I marched the unarmed drill team into a wall at Grand Rapids (he claims he didn't even remember that part, he's a sweetie). Hope I get to see him this summer; we're supposed to go pay SGM a visit when I go home in May, we'll see.

Friday-Sunday, March 8-10
Another weekend at the youth gathering. This one was even better. My crush on It Fitz peaked over the week and then died on Saturday. He's still really cool and I'd love to get to know him better if he ever came to CURF, but the lustual romantic interest has receded into the background. Actually spent most of the weekend hanging out with the yougest Fitz, "Quitz" a.k.a. Gideon. We played air hockey and pool; I beat him both times. I really like him, he's a troublemaker. I think if he were about 8 years older I might have been interested in him. At one point I spilled a cup of water on him for tickling me. Almost got him in trouble for it, too, but I took the blame. It was my fault, I started it. Saturday I found out none of the Fitz's knew who She-Ra was, and I then regalled Father Fitz with about 5 stories of the wonderful superhero. I still owe him one more; I think he will avoid me if I ever see him again. Lost my voice on Friday; don't have it back yet. Might go to see the doctor about that, my director wants me to. Bill Yonker is an awesome speaker; I would like to hear him more often. I enjoyed the message he gave to the youth. Saturday night the Fish guys were complete jerks, they called the girl's room at 3:30 AM and wanted to hang out, then persisted to call back five more times trying to convince us to wake up and spend time with them. Jamie and Sarah told them to drop dead, as nicely as possible. I think if I actually were to get some sleep I would feel better, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. I think that's the general gist of the weekend.

And that's my Spring Break. One of the more thoroughly enjoyable. I would they were all that great. Hope everyone else had a great one.

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