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I've been sighing a lot lately

Last night was really fun. I love that I can talk to Jordan about anything that's bothering me and not worry about what he's going to think or if it's going to cause problems or all kinds of stupid stuff.

I think my room was too cold last night, my chest feels congested. I'm so tired of being sick.

I graduate in two weeks. *runs and hides*

My computer started telling time except that everytime I turn it off, it resets itself to the beginning of the year. Go figure.

Good morning.

Song for the Day:
"Hello" by Sugarbomb
I feel so peculiar I don't know what to say
Don't let me fool you I'm not one bit afraid, no way

One things for sure
What I would give to simply open my door
and see your smiling face

Hello hello won't you come right in
I'd give anything just to see you again
Hello hello won't you come right in
Step into my world where you know you're everything
Everything I need

I'm suddenly hopeful whenever you're in sight, that's right
I talk about you all day whisper your name at night, that's right

Whatever you need
What I would give if you should ask it of me
To make you feel complete


I could go on and on and on
Do it again again again
Whisper your name your name your name
Would you do the same for me

I feel so peculiar I don't know what to say


Where you know you're everything
I feel so peculiar
You know I feel so peculiar
You know I feel so strange

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