Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

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I am: happy
I hurt: when you hurt
I love: so much my heart will one day burst
I hate: enough
I cry: not enough
I fear: consequnces
I hope: like it's going out of style
I feel alone: when I'm sad
I kill: time
I talk: the whole night through
I listen: while you smoke
I break: hearts
I see: everything
I smell: the wind
I taste: mmmmmmmmm
I work: only when I have to
I remember: memories will be my souveniers
I hold: all night long
I hide: very little from everyone and nothing from some
I pray: not enough
I walk: when you ask me to
I drive: people crazy
I read: to go somewhere else
I was: wrong
I breathe: every new day
I play: like a five year old
I miss: life simple
I touch: lives
I learn: that learning is more important that I think
I feel: so much
I know: absolutely nothing
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