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Home For The Holidays...and then some

So I'm home...and it's cold. It's fricken cold. It's really unbelievably cold. And it will probably just get colder.

I'm moving to Texas this summer. Just you wait and see.

Went to the Party City Christmas Party today. Apparently they have like no hours, so the whole "going to work there and pay off credit cards" is not really that plausable. They'll work me, but just not nearly as many hours as I would like. Probably not even enough to pay for frequent visits to the Chicagoland area. Lisa must find second job. Which means either Lisa must get license and vehicle or Lisa must get Mom to drive her to second job. Blah.

I need to mail Chris his ring back now that I'm home. I also need to mail my mailbox key to someone to turn in for me, and I need to mail my school key to Mr. Schattschneider. And do everything else that I forgot. Then maybe I'll get my diploma.

Dial-up. I am still waiting for The End Of The World flash to load. Sigh...

I have no obligations for the next week. That's such a good feeling. I think I'll stay up late unpacking/sorting tonight and then sleep til noon tomorrow.

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