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"Untitled, #1"
I:swung the swing

in braids, with sticky
Popsicle hands
So:so close to the sky
I thought it was all that
I:put on lipstick, perfected to giggle
and shined a glossy smile

Felt:as if I was complete
I:heard the hum of gossip
learned:to doubt
I:braid my hair
remember:how to swing
-Roxane Kolar

My wishes have drained the stars of their magic,
And God's ears have been deafened by my pleas for you.
I sought a love that I believed existed for all except me
And in my search, I had found false hope in fallen angels,
I saw through a rose-colored haze, that they had fallen for me.
But as with all things, their shimmer of grace soon faded,
Their beautiful light melted into an ugly darkness.
I fled from their world of evil, into your arms,
Where I found sanctuary from the cold world.

My search has now come to an end,
But I have one question to ask:
How long until you fade away?
-Courtney Zagrodnick
Tags: poetry

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