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Okay so I finally did it please...please...please...

1. Describe your health in 2004 (if you passed away, please skip to the bottom). Be sure to give lots of details.
I didn't get too sick this year, but apparently I am a carrier for strep or something...I know there were a few times I was miserably sick, but Mom said she didn't get any whiney phone calls so maybe I'm growing up. Of course, I did manage to get sick right in the middle of my twenty consecutive days of student teaching. But I pulled through. Go me.

2. Most people had birthdays this year. How was yours?
I am not most people. However, I did have a birthday anyway, and it was good. I went to an Open House at my school, I saw Ben Carnehl, and I got to eat the best fries ever at Portillo's with Jordan and Holly. Then the three of us watched Jersey Girl (my b-day present from Jordan). Twas fun.

3. Did you get to kiss and/or sleep with your favorite celebrity of the opposite sex? If not, how are you planning to accomplish this in 2005?
Sadly, no, Mel Gibson is still married...I supposed I could try something with a brick and my address...I'm not sure why it has to be opposite sex, I slept with Angelina quite a few times, doesn't that count?

4. What were some new bands or music that you discovered in 2004?
I think these were discovered in 2004, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Benjamin Gate, and The OC Supertones. And I saw Flogging Molly in concert.

5. If you had failed life this past year, what one thing or few things would have been the cause?
I would have failed because I didn't do things that needed to be done. But I think I managed that okay.

6. Was the amount of tacos you consumed too much, too little, or just right?
TACOS!!! Must obey the taco man! So not enough, I would have to say. I guess I'll just have to get a giant burrito too.

7. The world ends on January 1, 2005. What from 2004 caused it?
Brett getting out of the army. First thing that came to my mind.

8. Name a few songs you listened to a lot this year.
"Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down, "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" by Flogging Molly, "Every New Day" by Five Iron Frenzy, "Perfect Day" by Hoku.

9. Did you partake in a crime of passion?
I would think yes is the answer to this.

10. What will you do next year to make things less boring?
I will strike out on my own and be independent. I'm scared to death of that, too.

11. What did you do this year that will be a hard act to follow?
I got engaged, and broke it off, and graduated. Those might be tough.

12. Was the number of books you read for pleasure more or less than your age?
I had a summer where I did nothing but read for like a month, it was great. I would have to say greater for this one.

13. And finally, who invented liquid soap and why?
Lauren can attest to this one...Sammy did. To wash his hair.

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