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Idea stolen from gwenlister

I'm bored. I work today though. I love Ben. He gave me 20 hours this week. And once this week is finally over I get to see my Jordan. YAY!!!

And since I am bored, I think I'll do this...and screen comments so that everyone can play...

Guess the movie! Bonus points for actors and character names. Don't cheat! I'll give the winner something, I don't know what yet. But there really is a prize! Oh, and I did them all from memory so there might be a few that aren't perfectly quoted (GASP! I know!). Let's see...80 possible points I guess. Or something like that.

1. "The dishes are done, man!"

2. "Men should wear team jersies. On the front they could all say, "Liars" and on the back, their name. Their real one."

3. "Pass the asparagus."

4. "Well, we were going to go with the Carebears, but that was taken."

5. "What are your intentions?"

6. "There is no way we're getting on a plane to meet some woman who could be some crazy sick lunatic! Didn't you ever see Fatal Attraction?"

7. "I came to this on my own terms."

8. "My secret weapon is PMS?"

9. "In life, every ending is just a new beginning."

10. "What was his son's name?...It can't be that easy."

11. "Great, we'll put an APB out on Big Bird."

12. "What's that noise?" "The corpse, he's going to be cremated."

13. "Where are we going?" "To get really, really drunk."

14. "I'd invite you guys up, but all I have to offer you is frozen pizza."

15. "Oh, the concert! ...My father's gonna KILL me!"

16. "Want to play Tune-In Tokyo?"

17. "You're sick, I'll humor you."

18. "Is everything chance, or are some things meant to be?"

19. "Are you aiming for these people?"

20. "I was being sarcastic. Do you know what that means?"

21. "The parental units called while you were out."

22. "My subway defense system."

23. "A human child? Where can I find one?"

24. "It's in your hat, isn't it? Smart man."

25. "How much ya wanna bet we can out rock-and-roll you?"

And for a whopping five bonus points, I will frankly die of shock if anyone gets this one:

"You're mad. The Talisman will destroy you."

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