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I like Anne's away message...

"Love is friendship caught on fire." ~Ann Landers

I think deep down, every woman wants to be wanted. Not more than they want to be loved, but the desire to be wanted is also there. It's just a great feeling.

I watched a lot of "Matlock" today. Quite enjoyable, I got a kick out of the 80's hairdo's everyone was wearing, as well as clothes and stuff.

Dial-up does not like multi-tasking, even less than windows I think.

I had such a great conversation tonight. So glad I'm not paying his phone bill.

I am such a silly goofy in love person! I'm suffering from grinlikeanidiotiosis. We are so one of those couples. The kind everyone hates to be around cause we are so googly-eyed for each other. I love it!

I don't want to go to sleep tonight. I want to read my Chicken Soup book and smile and find more stories that make me think of Jordan.

I get to see him in like 12 hours!!!!!

That last sentence had a lot of exclamation points. I almost feel like a teeny-bopper.

Yahoo on dial-up doesn't like multitasking either. I should make pictures smaller before I try to attach them.

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