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Hello! So I figured I should post a happier entry after yesterday's downer. I'm not feeling nearly as sorry for myself as I was yesterday, which is good. I talked to Jordan, which always helps. And then I fell asleep on the phone while he was telling me a story. It was a nice story, too, but I was exhausted. But it was nice to fall asleep listening to him.

Today is still up in the air. I was supposed to maybe see Sara and her nephew who I haven't met yet, but I haven't heard from her.

Really need to get a second phone line, but my mom keeps saying it's too expensice. Once I pay for Valentine's Day I might try to talk my parent's into it, if I pay for it. I use the internet all the time now and I hate keeping the phone so busy. Anyway, I think I'm going to go finish cleaning the stove, then shower, and maybe call my aunt and see if she might want to hang out tonight. Then I can talk about Jordan with her without him around...

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