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Randomness, cause I feel like it

Too little flour in cookie dough will make very flat and burnt cookie cakes.

The main reason I like Oldies is the main reason Jordan dislikes them.

I should go to sleep cause I work at 5am again but I don't wanna.

I work with Ben in the morning and that should be good.

"Think about it everytime I think about it can't stop thinking 'bout it"

I have my space heater to keep my room warm running a lot but it dries out my room so I have my vaporizor running all the time too...and it's caused a layer of ice to form on the inside of my windows. Weird.

Anybody know what else I can use to make fun to send to Jordan? I need some more ideas to have more things in his box.

I miss doing lighting. I want to do lighting!

I I I I I I I I I I I I I. Almost every sentence starts with I. I am apparently very important to me.

Finishing crossword puzzles is satisfying.

Being able to say "I love you" is also very satisfying.

I hate trying to figure stuff out...wait, I love that when it's a math problem because there's an answer, but not in real life when it's just shades of grey.

Matt, do you still have some of Troy's Sandman comics?

Chocolate chip cookies without milk are just no good. Well, they are still good but they are missing milk.

Phone cords that fly out of their place and disconnect you are not fun.

Not telling Jordan what I made for him is a little fun. Cause he can't convince me to tell him when I'm here.

Of course, I'd rather be there.

It's late and all good Lisas should be in bed. Where am I? Well, I'm on my bed. Does that count?

I need to pay credit card bills. I need to cash checks for that. And then I need to hope that I get paid enough before Feb 18th to pay credit card bills and take out Jordan.

I want to watch Rescue Rangers and Ducktales.

I have been missing Troy lately.

Harry Potter is still good the second time around. At least, my second favorite in the series is. I'm not sure I'd enjoy reading Chamber of Secrets a whole lot a second time. Dobby drove me nuts and I didn't like the story nearly as much.

It's fun to find out little things that Jordan and I have in common. Like both liking the aliens from Sesame Street.

"You're my best friend, best friend with benefits, what took me so long?"

Okay dokay, I go to read/sleep now. Bye bye!

(I need to get Amp from the sev tomorrow morning. Yeah.)

And I love that you are the last person that I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night.

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