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Good managers are hard to find...

My manager, Dolores, pissed me off something royal today. First off, she does planograms wrong and even though her section didn't match the ones that Amber and I did on either side, she left it off. Watch, we get in trouble for it.

Then my mom calls at about 12:30 to ask if she can pick me up at one. I ask Ben and he says it's okay. She asked because she had to get back to work, so I knew that when she got there she'd want to leave right away, so at about ten to I went in the back and signed out (at 1) and then I started to go to the breakroom and get my stuff together. As I headed into the break room, it was about five to, and Dolores saw me and said, "It isn't even one yet." And I said, it was close to one, and I needed to be ready to leave when my mom got here. So she said, "Okay, we'll sit down and talk about it on Monday with Ben." Fine, we'll do that, and I'll tell him that it was a special circumstance, and oh, did I mention that I didn't take a lunch break and that I still signed out for one? So really you got me for an extra 15 minutes. Plus there's how many times where I stay a little late or where I get to work a little early and start anyway, but sign in when I'm scheduled? Fine, we'll talk it over with Ben. He knows that I'm a good worker, and that I do that. Grrr...was I ever annoyed. I really wish I could work with Adam, Joe, and/or Jill again, because they were good managers. I'm also sick of seeing messed up topstock or something on the wrong peg and NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT so why should whoever's doing it stop? They don't get in trouble or written up or anything. Argh.

On the mail/package from Jordan yet. Tear.

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