Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

1.First name?

2. Were you named after anyone?
I was NOT named after Lisa Marie Presley

3. Do you wish on stars?

4. When did you last cry?
I almost cried last night, other than that I think it was when I cried at work.

5. Do you like your handwriting?
Yeah, pretty much. It's a lot more stable now, it used to change almot daily.

6. What's your favorite lunch meat?
Ham or Turkey

7. What is your birth date?
November 7, 1982.

8. What is your most embarrassing CD?
I like all my cd's.

9. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
Yeah, cause I like me.

10. Are you a daredevil?
I can be. I can't wait to jump out of a plane.

12. Do looks matter?
Yes, but I also believe that inner beauty is reflected on the outside and that when you love someone they are transformed in your eyes and you see him or her as beautiful.

13. How do you release anger?
I rant, rave, and sarcast. (That's the present tense of the verb form of sarcasm, really). I am a very vocal person when I'm angry. I also enjoy throwing things and kicking walls.

14. Where is your second home?
Jordan's arms.

15. Do you trust others easily?
Total strangers, depends on appearance, frankly. Acquaintances, usually.

16. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Pinky, the clown my great-grandmother made for me. She was pink. My mom named her. Clever ain't she?

17. Which class in high school do you think was totally stupid?
Current events, all history, physics, AP English (we watched so many movies and all that made it different from regular English was four extra papers).

18. Do you have a journal?
A couple.

19. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Yes. Yes I do.

20. What are your nicknames?
Details, Muse, Princess, etc.

21. Would you bungee jump?
I'd rather skydive.

22. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

23. Do you think that you are strong?
I am stronger than a lot of girls that I know.

24. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Either strawberry or vanilla, but I still haven't tried Guinness ice cream.

25. Shoe size?
Ten, and once I have kids it will probably be 11.

26. Red or pink?
Pink, though I've been told I look good in red.

27. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
My ability to procrastinate and my inability to get up for church.

28. Who do you miss most?

29. Do you want everyone to whom you send this to send it back?
I'm not sending it, so yes, everyone must or a thousand fleas will infest your camels.

30. What color pants and shoes are you wearing?
I am wearing pale pink pants and I was wearing hot pink shoes.

31. What are you listening to right now?
The sounds of my keys clacking as I type and my breathing cause my nose is all stuffed.

32. Last thing you ate?
Vanilla flavored tootsie rolls.

33. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Green blue.

34. What is the weather like right now?
Too cold for me. There's still white crap on the ground.

35. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My mom.

36. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Sense of humor.

37. Do you like the person who sent this to you?

38. What is your ethnicity?
White. Not caucasion, white.

39. Favorite drink?
Velvet kilt.

40. Favorite sport?
Rugby to watch, volleyball to play.

41. Hair color?
Light blond.

42. Eye color?
Gray, sometimes they look blue and sometimes they look green.

43. Do you wear contacts?
No, but I'll probably need glasses and a hearing aid by the time I'm 50.

44. Are you single?
Nope. Thankfully.

45. Favorite food?

46. Last movie you watched?
In its entirety, The Notebook, otherwise I'm going to finish the Rock tonight.

47. Favorite day of the year?
The Friday before Thanksgiving.

48. Scary movies or happy endings?
Ugh, totally happy endings. I hate scary movies.

49. Summer or winter?
Summer, by far.

50. Hugs or kisses?
Depends on who you are.

51. Do you have any favorite rants and, if so, what are they?
Stupid people. Esp. stupid work people.

52. What is your favorite dessert?
Strawberry smoothies.

53. Who is most likely to respond?
Jordan probably, if respond means leave a comment.

54. Who is most likely not to respond?
Troy since he's in the army right now.

55. What books are you reading?
The Last Juror.

56. What's on your mouse pad?
If I had one I'd be using my She-Ra one.

57. What did you watch last night on TV?
Part of that movie with Sidney Portier where he says, "They call me Mr. Tibbs."

58. Favorite smells?
I like Country Apple, Cucumber Melon, Anarchy cologne, lasagna, rain, fresh-cut grass, vanilla, sugar cookie, and pipe tobacco.

59. Favorite sounds?
The phone ringing when it's for me, good music.

60. Rolling Stones or Beatles?
I'm not a really big fan of either.

61. What's the farthest you've been from home?

62. Do you have a special talent?

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