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I'm probably annoying everyone, but I am so in love.

I just talked to Jordan for almost two hours and it felt like ten minutes. And I need to go to sleep because I'm subbing tomorrow but I want to talk to him again after his floor meeting, even if it's just to say goodnight.

I'm on a really big high right now. Love crack is nice.
I never thought I'd ever feel like this. I'm so in love, I can't even believe it. Today I wanted to play in the snow with Jordan. What is that about? I hate snow. But I really wanted to throw snowballs at him and build a snowman and be all silly and little kid like with him. He makes me feel so little kid happy sometimes.

And my thought for the day: How is it possible that some times this feels like it can't be real and other times it feels like it's more real than anything else?

I think I might be the luckiest girl in the world.

In other news (though most of you probably stopped reading by now) the teacher that I'm subbing for the sub for died this weekend. The sub who's been there since he first got sick wasn't sure how she felt originally about such a long-term thing, and now that it's until the end of the year she might not stay for the whole time. Mom asked me what I'd do if they offered it to me. I told her I wasn't sure I really wanted it. So she said, "Isn't it more money?" I told her I had no idea how much money it was cause they never told me how much they were paying me right now. She said I should find that out before I make a decision. Who ever thought I'd be doing a job that I didn't like (teaching middle schoolers) because I could make more money than something I wanted to do (working retail)? I find that humorous.

Ugh, I need to go to bed but I really want to talk to my Jordan. I'm sad and pathetic, and you know what? I'm too happy to care.

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