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Number Survey

10 songs you love (random order): (oh god!)
If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Flogging Molly (mine and Jordan's song)
The Likes of You - Flogging Molly
Every New Day - Five Iron Frenzy
Bring on the Rain - Jodee Messina or someone else like that
Walk in the Irish Rain - Irish Descendents
Another First Kiss - I forget
Feels Like Home - I can't spell her name
Jesus Freak - dc Talk
This is A Call - Thousand Foot Krutch
To Make You Feel My Love - Billy Joel

9 things that make you smile: :-D
Goofy Jordan
Flogging Molly Concerts
Ice Cream
Cute little kids
Little Kid movies
Acting like a little kid
Heartwarming stories

8 things you wear daily:
A top
A bottom
Socks - only in winter
Shoes - only when I have to
My Muse ring
I don't wear anything else on a consistent daily basis

7 things that annoy you: (snatching my previous responses)
people who don't put out their cigarettes and just drop them on the ground
people who don't have a work ethic
stupid people
music i don't like (esp. loud)
being sick
not being well

6 things you are looking forward to:
getting married
having my own place
living with my husband
having children

5 things you are scared of:
scary movies
things that go bump in the night
being home alone at night
really creepy movies
not being able to find five things to fill up this list with

4 people you'd like to talk to daily:

3 foods you could live off of:

2 unforgettable moments:
One particular Friday
One particular Sunday

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

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