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My "Spring Break"

Monday 2-28
~Jordan drove to Det. to pick me up.
~Watched Cruel Intentions. I'd been threatening that movie for a really long time.

Tuesday 3-1
~Jordan and I got up WAY TOO EARLY without even trying and left for Chicago.
~Read the rest of The Notebook to Jordan on the trip.
~Ate at Cracker Barrel
~Ate Thai food

Wednesday and Thursday 3-2 and 3-3
~Went to Molly Malone's with Alec (as DD!)
~Jordan had three drinks and was a little tipsy
~Jordan went to class, and did no reading for it.
~We continued waking up way too bloody early, and being in good moods upon waking.
~Watched Kissing a Fool and both Jordan and Alec liked it.
~Ate Portillo's

Friday 3-4
~Went to class with Jordan (was fun)
~packed up stuff and Jordan drove to St. Louis
~ate at Cracker Barrel
~Begin reading Stardust to Jordan
~Jordan's parents took us out to dinner at a really nice restaurant (Neruda's)

Sat 3-5
~Plans to bowl and shoot pool fall through
~Go to St. Louis instead
~See arch for first time
~Attempt to walk under the arch in a straight line while looking up at arch (impossible)
~Drive through Forest Park and see two weddings
~Walk around holding hands
~go to art museum
~go to mall
~have pizza and really good beer for dinner

Sun 3-6
~Go to new coffee shop for breakfast
~Go to church
~Help Jordan cook REALLY GOOD DINNER for his neighbors (and me)
~watch Bernice's travel log for Indonesia and a little of England
~see all kinds of cool souveniers around Bernice's house
~Star-gaze with Jordan

Mon 3-7
~Jordan beats the crap out of me in bowling
~Jordan beats the crap out of me in pool
~Jordan beats the crap out of me in DDR (I was on Light and he was on Beginner, but still)
~Finish Stardust
~Get to see Katie and Ashley and Sarah
~Gave Sarah and Ashley their presents

Tuesday 3-8
~Went downtown
~Ate dinner at P. F. Chang's

Wednesday 3-9
~Went window shopping
~Ate lunch at Fado's (including Black and Tans and Hot Whiskey and Irish Coffee)
~Met people at Fado's who were at concert the night before
~Trick Jordan and pay for meal (tee hee hee)
~Dinner at House of Blues
~set list from that night, signed, thanks to Karl

Thursday 3-10
~Lunch at HOB because we wanted their Spinach Artichoke dip
~Flogging Molly poster from HOB
~I get a fever

Friday 3-11
~Jordan and I get our tatoos. They rock.
~I continue to be sick

Saturday and Sunday 3-12 and 3-13
~I continue to be sick. Don't get to see much of anyone on campus as I had planned.
~Jordan babies me while I am sick and makes me realize how incredibly lucky I am to have him.

Monday 3-14
~Still sick. May be dying. Who knows.
~Go home today. Back to real world. Refuse to admit this.
~Begin writing in short choppy incomplete sentences.
~Decide to skip repacking because that is sucky. Just throw everything in bags and be done with it.

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