Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Update on Jordan, and my new job

Jordan is doing well. He got to talk to me tonight, though he wore his voice out a lot. He was originally going to go home tomorrow but he's staying in Chicago just in case. He'll be back at school I think by Monday night, maybe Tuesday. If I heard him right. He didn't sleep well last night cause his throat hurt a lot, but hopefully he'll sleep well tonight. But mostly he's doing well.

I am almost certainly getting the job, they're just waiting for the background check to go through. I'll probably start the first week in April, which means I have to start packing. I talked to my aunt and she's okay with me coming to live with her. Mostly I'll be paying for food and probably gas if I need her to drive me anywhere. I'm hoping to grab my permit next week so that I can have it again and will be able to at least get some practice in, I don't think my aunt would mind if I use her car, but anyway, we'll see. Oh, and Ben said they're probably going to make me Front End Supervisor, which is better than just full time. So that's really great. I'm 90% excited and 25% nervous.
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