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Let's see how bad a mood I can get in by dinner

Have I ever mentioned that I hate packing? And now I have four days to do it. Pack up every single thing I own. I wasn't going to do that originally, I was just going to pack what I needed for Jeanne's, but Mom wants me to pack up everything and abandon my room. Oh, goodie. So now I have to figure out what I need at Jeanne's verses what I want to bring to Texas verses what I don't want anymore and I have four days, Easter and three weekdays (during which I work 8 hours). Yeah, this is going to suck a lot. I already feel like giving up. Plus my sister has been a bitch most of the morning which means I've been bitchy back which means she's been bitchy back and so on and so forth.

And there was no Communion at church this morning. The pastor said in his sermon that the glory of Easter is fully seen in the meal that Christ gave us and then we didn't have it. HELLO! It's Easter. Easter. That's like the one day of the year that all the services are supposed to have Communion.

Let's see, speaking of the fact that it's Easter, is there anything else I can whine and bitch about?

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