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Jordan update and other stuff about me

Today Jordan probably overexerted himself a little. He and his mom went to two services, breakfast, and lunch this morning, and somewhere around the second service Jordan started to really feel tired. I talked to him for a bit early in the afternoon and he said he wasn't feeling that well, and apparently when we got off the phone he went to bed and stayed there all afternoon. I called about 6 or 7 hours later and he sounded like he was feeling worse, he wasn't really up to talking, so I talked to his mom for a bit. He's still not feverish, so that's good, I think he just needed more sleep. So hopefully he'll be better tomorrow, keep him in your prayers please. Poor dear, he was feeling so awful and when we talked this afternoon he was fairly determined to cheer me up regardless of how little I wanted to be.

Speaking of me, I'm feeling better. You know how sometimes all you need is a good cry? Well, funny thing. Apparently a good cry is a lot less than it used to be. I cried a little on the phone with Jordan, and then after we got off I cried for about 2 minutes and suddenly the tears stopped and I felt a little silly. So I got up and tried to pack some more.

Got so little done today. I did manage to go through all the boxes that were already in the basement and sort through them. I threw away a lot of stuff that I didn't even really know why I was keeping, including a lot of old flower petals. However, no matter how much I tried to tell myself there was no real reason to keep them I found I just could not throw out my old corsages from Kevin and Brett. I also found a bunch of crockery and glasses and things that Mom had been saving for me. (She's also been keeping furniture and things for us too, how sweet is that?) And lastly, I also found a box of old books I packed away awhile ago. A bunch of teen books, mostly Sweet Dreams romances, Sweet Valley High, and Nancy Drew mysteries, AND the first chapter book I ever read, a ghost story called Wait Till Helen Comes. Most are books that most people would call shallow silly pointless books (I know one person in particular), but ones that I loved as a girl/teen and that I plan on keeping for my kids. And if they inherit their father's taste in books and don't want to read them, I can always sell them on Ebay or to a used bookstore and make a buck or two.

But anyway, I finished in the basement and decided that I didn't really feel like doing much more tonight, so I think I'm going to read one of the books that I found, a Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys super mystery! Goodness how I love those books. Yes, LOVE. I still find that I like to reread some of my favorite ones over again, no matter how easy the read or simple the plot. So I think I'm going to curl up with my mystery and my Cherry Coke and read until I'm tired or feel like packing some more. Have a good night everyone!
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