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Update, finally

So I wanted to post the pics I took at Formal, but see #74 on the following list. So instead I'll just say that I was uncomfortable at first (which seems to be a common theme) but after a bit I had a great time. And I will post one pic cause I think Jordan and I look really great in it.

1. I have the new Shel Silverstein book and reading it gives me a headache.
2. I love the beach, and I could spend my entire life there happily.
3. I like humidity, it makes me feel warm and insulated and secure. Yes, secure.
4. I don't mind most annoying customers, and I like working retail.
5. If I could do absolutely anything I wanted (career-wise) I'd act.
6. I've started to get more critical again lately, but I used to be 90% happy with my body.
7. I have a lifetime to-do list and I've crossed off at least four things from it already.
8. I sleep so much better with someone than without.
9. I still have one of my first stuff animals ever. It's a pink clown my great grandmother made for me.
10. Recently I've become addicted to diet cherry coke.
11. I learned how to type on a typewriter so I still use two spaces after periods.
12. I miss Photoshop a lot.
13. I have never really been to a bad concert, and most that I've been to have been great (Weezer, dc Talk, Flogging Molly, Newsboys).
14. I think a lot of myself when it comes to Party City, and I also think I'm the exception to every rule I think is stupid (that last part also applies to life in general).
15. I can also be fanatical about the rules that I think are important.
16. I have had my ears pierced three times and I have three holes total to show for it.
17. I have a tattoo on my shoulder.
18. I love going formal dress shopping, even if it's for no reason whatsoever. I love how sexy and beautiful an evening gown can make you feel.
19. I love window shopping for clothes in general, too.
20. I'm going to elope someday (but I'm still going to get a dress).
21. I'm a big gossip, though I hate to admit it.
22. I don't kill spiders unless someone around me is freaking out about it, and then I usually try to just put it outdoors.
23. I hate scary movies.
24. I generally dislike driving and frequently get headaches if I'm in a car for more than an hour. If I could I'd probably never drive.
25. My favorite video games are Pac-Man and Tetris or any Tetris knock-off (Dr. Mario, etc).
26. I hate when people use their cell phones in restaurants.
27. If I could I would never wear shoes again, or only wear flip-flops.
28. I love M*A*S*H.
29. I love really hot showers, even in summer (though if I'm way overheated I'll take a cool one).
30. I get annoyed if I don't read my comics every day.
31. I also get antsy if I don't talk to Jordan every day.
32. I have an excellent memory for patterns, poetry, song lyrics, movie quotes (or entire movies) and numbers, but I constantly forget conversations I've had two days ago and even things my best friend has told me.
33. I wish that I had been a teenager in the 80's.
34. I think Christopher Pike is one of the most interesting authors I've ever read, and is highly underrated.
35. I love stupid teen books, especially from the 80's or early 90's (Nancy Drew, Sweet Dreams romances, Sweet Valley High).
36. I used to daydream that I was both Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield.
37. The first time I stayed up all night was with my cousin Tim one Christmas.
38. I tried to pierce my belly button with a safety pin once, cause I thought it would look cool.
39. I think I have great hair and I wish I'd never dyed it.
40. I think Cedar Point really was more fun when I was in high school, but I would still go every year for the Power Tower and the Millennium Force.
41. I hate being told I'm wrong when I'm right, and I'm very vocal about it.
42. The older I get the more I love my family.
43. I really don't like LOTR at all.
44. I'm excited about the new Star Wars movie, mostly because of Ewan McGregor.
45. I love flying kites and getting them as high as I can.
46. I want to jump out of a plane and am jealous of anyone who has already.
47. I still live in a bubble in a lot of ways.
48. I have really beautiful gold jewelry that I never ever wear.
49. I used to be a big packrat, and though I've started throwing a lot of things away I once thought were vital, I still cannot part with the two corsages that I have from high school.
50. I love dancing in a circle with a big group of people.
51. I pee in the shower.
52. I've always been fascinated by Ancient Egyptian stuff, and it's probably the only history I'd ever read for fun.
53. I really love math and I think I'm going to be a good teacher.
54. I want to be a mom more than anything.
55. I love wearing lots of eye-shadow when I get dressed up.
56. I want someone to teach me how to wear eye-liner.
57. I think my woobie was the best gift Brett ever gave me.
58. I use clothes I've worn but aren't "dirty" to blow my nose on.
59. I could be relatively poor for the rest of my life and be happy, I think.
60. I am getting to the age where I really do need 8 hours of sleep a night.
61. Lighting is my favorite tech part of theater.
62. I have the best best friend in the whole world.
63. I watch Veronica Mars every Tuesday, and I love it.
64. My favorite thing to eat is Chicken and I could probably live on that and nothing else.
65. I used to eat a package of Hostess chocolate cupcakes every morning for breakfast in 8th grade.
66. I had never heard of the "Amazing Race" until last week.
67. I love to sing but I'm horrible at it.
68. Pop music from the 80's makes me happy.
69. The only sports I really like are rugby and volleyball.
70. I make up words and use them.
71. I hate to sound stupid in public.
72. I collect comic strips and I want to use them as wallpaper sometime.
73. If a song is in a genre I don't care for but the lyrics are great I can still like the song.
74. I have a digital camera and dial-up, and no good photo editing software that can shrink the size (byte-wise) of a file, the combination of which is going to give me early gray hairs.
75. I used to watch "Married With Children" when I was little with my parents.
76. I really don't like breaking up with people. I think I'll give it up for Lent.
77. If I could live anywhere in the world and money wasn't an issue I'd live in Cairns. Or maybe not anymore...
78. I hate packing.
79. I enjoy exercising and I really miss it.
80. I cannot wait to get a house and not have to pack things up every year/six months/two years.
81. Jordan is the reason I like cell phones now (still not in restaurants!) and if I didn't love him so much I'd dislike him for it.
82. I cannot do math quickly in my head.
83. I love fish stuff, especially if it's the ICHTHUS fish symbol.
84. I love drama ministry and plan to start a team at my future church or school.
85. If I ever do a master's it will probably be in liberal arts and I'll just take all the classes I wished I had been able to take in college.
86. Sometimes I feel like majoring in education took away some of the fun college experience (or maybe that was just Concordia).
87. I want to have a whole room in my house with walls that are lined with shelves of books. I guess that would be a library.
88. Christian music is comforting to me.
89. I cut myself on one or more of the following: cardboard boxes, paper, the blade on my box cutter, or the pin of my name tag, on a daily basis at work.
90. I prefer cut-and-dry endings to "The Lady or the Tiger?" endings. I hate not knowing.
91. I still think that Holden and Alyssa end up together.
92. I think Jersey Girl is Kevin's best flick.
93. I wish I was kinder.
94. I would probably read an English grammar book cover to cover if I had one.
95. Speaking of, I always loved to diagram sentences in grammar and in linguistics.
96. I used to be jealous of Blind Willie McTell from the Bob Dylan song.
97. I cannot wait to go to Disney World.
98. I get really annoyed at companies but I never write complaint letters or follow through on complaint phone calls.
99. I still really want to play Juliet one day. Also Ophelia, but Juliet first and foremost.
100. I think Scottish/Irish accents are about the sexiest thing to listen to and I watch movies like Braveheart and The Jackal just to listen to them.

That took two days to write. It's hard to think of a hundred things about yourself.
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