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Shall We Dance:
This movie seems like it's trying to be a movie about characters and relationships and how we change and grow. That would be great except that the only interesting characters aren't the ones that change. The three main characters, Gere, Sarandon, and Lopez, are flat. There isn't a lot of introduction or "before" so we don't know where they start, and that makes it hard to see how they have changed. Some of the minor characters are great, and fun to watch, but they're also minor. I think the movie spends too much time on long scenes of dancing that don't mean a lot instead of using the time to show the characters. So as far as that goes, it's not so great.

However, it does have a really cute ending. If you've seen any preview for it, you've seen the line where Gere asks Sarandon to dance with him and she says she doesn't know how, and he replies with "You've been dancing with me for 19 years." Well, that scene is near the end and the rest of it is just so cute. I really like the end. It's too bad the rest of the movie had to happen first.

There is a part of the plot that I think romantics who have been married for awhile (Mrs. Bell I'm thinking maybe of you) might appreciate more than unmarried me did. It has to do with wanting something for yourself and stuff. If that makes any sense. Anyway, it was a part I liked too.

I'm giving it a B- cause I didn't feel like doing stars, and I think it only gets that high because I really liked the ending. Yeah. That's it.
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