Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Look at me! I'm a hypocrit!

I so want to beat myself up right now. So every Tuesday I tell Jordan good-bye at 8:55 with no exception so that I can watch "Veronica Mars" because I'm completely addicted and I really like that show. And so tonight I did the same thing, even though I knew that when I would "call to say goodnight" after it ended I'd want to talk for more than goodnight. So it ends, I call him, and he has just started a movie with Schelp and Anne. So I'm upset that he wants to go watch his movie--HELLO LISA YOU'RE SO DUMB AND HYPOCRITICAL.

On another note, I think the teeny-boppers who watch VM are too dumb to watch it. Half of them didn't understand a third of what happened in the episode.
Tags: jordan

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