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Hello everyone...

So my life has been pretty routine lately. I had a wonderful Memorial Weekend at Jordan's. Friday we went to the botanical gardens, something he's been wanting to do with me for awhile. We were all cutsie and hand-holding and kissing in little nooks and stuff. Then we went to City Museum and acted like little kids. I got him to climb way up high and I climbed just a bit higher. Slides and climbing and slushies and all kinds of little kid fun. Also, Jordan cannot be trusted with water. Then we tried to have a picnic and see the Tempest at the outdoor Shakespeare festival thing but the weather did not want to cooperate. We still picnicked under an umbrella in the rain. It was fun.

Saturday we were going to go bike riding but I was really tired so we spent a lot of the morning and afternoon outside on a blanket napping and reading (I was doing the napping and he was doing the reading). Also tickling and more cutsieness were had in abundance. Then we did finally go bike riding, which was also fun. And since the weather was cooperating we went back to actually see the Tempest. It was my first experience with the play (excluding the Sandman comic) and I really liked it. I want to play Ariel and Miranda. They were fun.

And Sunday we went to church and bummed around the house for awhile. Then we went to dinner and a movie. Saw the Star Wars movie, it was definitely more gruesome then the previous two. I don't like Natalie Portman at all, everytime I saw her I wanted to throw things at her, every line she had was terrible. Then we went to bed and got up way to freakin early to take me to the airport.

Then I worked all week, got a bit of overtime on Friday for working open to close, and got to see my relatives on Saturday. My aunt Margie was visiting with her husband and my aunt Jeanne had a barbeque over here. I cooked the first round of burgers and they were pretty good, if I do say so myself. My aunt made the salad fresh from her garden, it was very yummy. Then Bud came over in the afternoon and we went to the mall. Lakeside doesn't have a lot of great stores, but they do have a Hot Topic and a Forever 21. I think my "Hot Topic is the coolest place on earth" phase is dying down a bit. Nothing strikes my fancy when I go in anymore. Except for the Flower shirt that said, "You can call me Flower if you want to..." If it hadn't have been 20 bucks I would so have gotten that. But I did, however, find myself an amazing slinky little red dress from Forever 21. Click here to see what it looks like. I look really great in it, at least that has been the general concensus so far. Speaking of looking good, I feel like the bike riding is finally starting to have an effect. I put on my tiny bikini from Hot Topic and I think I looked pretty good in it. So yea for that. Anyway, then Bud and I went to see Star Wars again cause we wanted to catch a movie but nothing else sounded good at all. Everything we wanted to see isn't out yet. Oh, and Bud got into a conversation about comic book movies with the guy in line in front of us. They both discussed supporting all comic-into-movie efforts, no matter how badly they suck, just so that they keep happening. Let's see, before I stopped listening they had decided that the Fantasic Four or whatever is going to suck but that the X-Men ones have probably been the best. Anyway, we saw Star Wars and made fun of all the dumb things, which was amusing. And then I was the MOST HORRIBLE PERSON IN A MOVIE THEATER EVER. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my cell phone went off. D'oh! Anyway, I guess that was pretty much my weekend. Today I'm bumming around a very hot house, doing laundry, cleaning my room, and maybe exercising cause I feel halfway energetic. We'll see.

And I'm also waiting for my phone to ring...
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