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Evening-long phone conversations rock.

And this is why I am not making any progress on reading my book:
120 = Hours in the week (Monday-Friday)
-42.5 for work
-7.5 for biking to and from work
-37 for sleeping
-4 for eating
-4 for getting ready to go to/from work
-10 or more for talking to Jordan
-5 or so for tv
-6 or so for time spent on the computer
= 4 hours per week, or 48 minutes a day that I can use to read. And that's not usually in one 48-minute chunk. And it's not like I don't want to read, I do, I do, I do! The Brothers Karamazov is going to take me all summer. I think I need to give up TV, eating, and sleeping and I'll get it done. I could probably lose some time on here too. Anyway, goodnight all!
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