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Lots of stuff to write about...

I had a really great weekend with Jordan. My aunt got the air-conditioning fixed the day he got here, too, which was a nice surprise. I was afraid we were going to have to move my matress into the basement because my room was so hot. And as I'm typing this I can't for the life of me remember what we did Thursday, but anyway, Friday we went to Toys R Us because we happened to be nearby and because we love window shopping there. Well, we didn't exactly window shop. I got a present for Troy's b-day and that Fishing Game with the magnets. And he got two decks of cards so he could teach me Hand and Foot, a really fun card game which I cannot play now cause I don't have anyone to teach it to. Anyway, then we went to my work and I showed him off to Mary. Tee hee. She thinks he's just the greatest, which is nice. Then we tried to go dancing again, and failed, again, but came back and slowdanced in my room for a bit, which was probably even nicer than actually going out dancing. Oh! We went grocery shopping on Thursday, I remember that now.

Anyway...Saturday we went out to Bishop Lake, where we met my parents and my sister Kelsey, and Koko too. Michele was mad cause she had to work. Anyway, we spent most of the day at the lake, swimming and eating (mostly me on the eating part, swimming makes me really hungry), blowing bubbles like little kids, building a sandcastle, and generally having fun. We were going to go camping but they ended up being full so we didn't, so we went home instead.

We won't talk about Sunday, except to say that Jordan is wonderful and I am so keeping him.

Monday we went to the zoo even though it was hotter than blazes out. I think our favorite exhibit was the misting sprays they had in not nearly enough places. Really, it was fun though. And then on the way home I got the call from Mark at CURF telling me that I got the job! We were so happy, it was the best day ever. Oh, and for lunch before the zoo we went to La Shish and got middle eastern food, and then Jordan took me out to a congratulations dinner at Mongolian Barbeque. Still can't figure out why the fajita sauce is so spicy all of a sudden. But it was fun. And, Troy, I found it right away.

Then Tuesday morning he left, I went to work, and then late, late Tuesday night we had a fight. The thing I love the most about our fights is that even when they're over something really dumb or caused by me being a stupid, stupid girl, we always end up uncovering something that had been bothering one of us that is a serious thing and we end up talking about it and realizing something that needed to be fixed. And we work on how to fix it and we make up and we're better than before we fought. It's really great. (Going to work the next morning after not sleeping much wasn't, but not everything can work out wonderfully.)

Work was terrible most of the week, including bizarre and stupid customers who drove me nuts. Then on Friday I went over to Nikki's for her party. I should say that I knew when I got off of work on Friday that I wasn't in my most social mood ever, but I still wanted to get out of the house and do something. And I did have fun, too. I just spent most of my time in the den watching movies with Mrs. Bell. Too many people I didn't really know, I guess. A lot of the talk, from what I gathered when I did make a being-social attempt, was about high school, too. Or else people I just didn't know. But anyway, the fireworks were fun, there were some new dandilion-like ones that were really cool. And I had a good time. I got to talk a lot about Jordan at Mrs. Bell and that's always a fun thing to do. Anyway, I hope I get to hang out with her and Nikki some more before I leave.

Last night I got really worried about everything I had to do and didn't know yet about moving. And stupidly I got really jealous that Jordan already has the basics, like a place to live, in place. Yeah. I got over that though. Felt really dumb afterward. I think I'm going to email Mark at CURF and ask if I should call the school and ask some of my basic questions, before I get my call papers, or if I should wait on that. Ugh.

I'm so dumb. Thursday was my interview. That's what we did, I did my interview and Jordan held my hand. Only good thing about phone interviews. So I would write about how dumb I thought I sounded for some of the questions, but apparently it couldn't have been that bad cause I got the job.

Okay, long enough entry, and I hate using LJ cuts now as a matter of making a stupid point, so I'm going to stop rambling now, and go enjoy my day off.
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