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So I called CURF and they sent the papers for the call to my home (not my aunt's like I asked them to) and that's why I haven't gotten them yet.

I also called my new job and they are going to pay for moving expenses. Wow. So that's totally cool. What else...they are going to find me a place to stay until I get an apartment. They are going to pay for storage on my boxes until I get an apartment, too. And the principal already asked around just after I called and found someone who can find me some good places to get a car from. So this is really cool. I'm so excited. If I wasn't so tired I'd sound more excited, I promise.

I'm probably going to move the first week of August. I'll be out of town from the 21-25th of July, so if anyone wants to see me it will probably have to be before the first of the month. Oh, and my mom will probably be having a Going Away party at my house in Detroit on the 30th if anyone wants to come.

That's all for now.

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