Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl


Yay for nice people with cars.

So Amazon didn't get my order to me in time. Or, more accurately, UPS didn't. I called Amazon, they apologized and told me they would refund me the cost of the book, which was $17 bucks or so, and I should get it on Monday.

That's really great, and it means that I will still shop with them, but I still don't get to read it NOW like I wanted.

So I called the only person I know in the area who might want to drive me to Meijers to get it, and Nikki said no problem. So now I'm getting two copies for about $14 bucks. Not to shabby. So who wants my second copy? (This probably means that I can bring one down to Jordan and leave one with Michele if they both haven't read it yet.)

Again, yay for nice people with cars.
Tags: harry potter
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