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I am in a very poetic mood right now.

I Will Bring Fire to Thee
I will bring fire to thee
And you to me
Our souls intertwined
In relativity

I will bring fire to thee
And you to me
And all these nights ahead
No mystery

For you will
Throw away the keys
Which hold us dormant
In passages of futility

I will bring fire to thee
And you to me
And this passion ignited
Lofts heavenly

You Know How
You know how to hold me
when in cold be
heat, in bitterness
so sweet, passively
discreet (you would be)

So when this winter pass me
by, be the summer
passing sigh and
nigh, we fly.

You know how to touch me
witness the sense
and no less, impressing me
hence in this present
so tense.

So now often you seek
to scold me
when I am boldly
often in struggle
with myself, constant
enfolding inwardly old.

You know how
and knowing now
you keep this vow. (you should)

~Kevin Max

Someone to Know Me
At first it seemed shocking
but now the idea
tickles my tongue.
and intrigues my curiousity
beyond the ability
to rationalize or resist:

I want to live with you!

I want to wake
each morning
in your arms

comforted by your oddness

seduced by your knowledge
of my ways.

I want to care for you

brush your hair
put lotion on your scars

and pet you at bedtime,
watching your eyes close slow
like a child's
heavy with the thousand things
that filled your day.
~Jewel Kilcher
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