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Last day of work...

...and I'm sitting at my laptop on my bed.

No, I am not skipping...totally. Though I really wanted to. But Mary has to leave early (which meant I couldn't) so I decided to run my errands in the morning and be...fashionably late. Most of the people who are there knew that I didn't even want to show up today anyway.

I saw Ben yesterday, he stopped by our store to help out with the new store. Yay! That made me happy.

All of our piñatas went up in price. That did not make me happy. Party City is dumb. BUT I DON'T HAVE TO CARE AFTER TODAY! And I really don't care now anyway.

Not having to do retail again unless I want to for an extra-money-summer job is wonderful. Sigh.

I move to start a new job and pretty much a new life in 4 days. I am not packed.


Okay, end really weird mood. Or try to. Muaaa haa haa. I blame Melissa's entry for my strangeness. Yeah.

And really big YAY for sleeping in and taking a shower in the morning (before I go biking) and talking to my love before I really start my day. Nice things to do.

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