Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Kissing Survey


[X] on the cheek.
[X] on the lips.
[X] on their hands or fingers.
[X] in my room.
[X] in their room.
[X] of the opposite sex.
[X] of the same sex.
[X] a little younger than me.
[X] a little older than me.
[X] with brown hair.
[ ] with curly hair
[X] with blonde hair and blue eyes.
[X] with red hair.
[X] with straight hair.
[ ] shorter than me.
[X] with a lip ring.
[X] with a tounge ring.
[X] who was drunk.
[X] while you were drunk
[X] taller than me
[ ] who was high.
[X] in the morning.
[X] right after waking up.
[X] just before bed.
[X] late at night.
[X] who I really didn't want to kiss.
[X] who was going out with someone else.
[X] on a bed.
[X] two people at the same time
[X] right after you've kissed somebody else
[ ] in a graveyard.
[X] at school.
[X] against a wall.
[X] at a show.
[X] at the beach.
[X] in a pool.
[X] who was/is a good friend.
[X] in the rain
[ ] with an std.
[X] in a car/taxi/bus.
[ ] on a plane.
[X] in the movies.
[X] in a bathroom.
[X] in the dark
[ ] on a roof top
[ ] under water
[X] while you/they were driving
[X] who was a complete stranger
[ ] at the old folks home
[X] at the park
[X] in a shower
[X] while people were watching

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