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Bon Voyage Barbeque

I had the best time I've had at one of my parent's parties since I was little and I used to love them. There were all people that I knew and cared about except one person who was more my parents' friend than someone I knew. My mom's two brothers, lots of my dad's family, Tim and Linda Hanley, and Terry, Liz, Carol and Melody, Christine and her family, Tom Fry, and Jeanne were all there. Oh, and Melissa, who was the only person there who was only my friend and not my parents. Oh, and Candace came too and she brought this adorable 5 week old puppy that she bought on Tuesday. It's a black and yellow lab mix. So cute. I will post pictures, but I think I left my connector in another box at home so I can't download them off my camera yet.

The best part of the night: At 8 I called 104.3 and put in a request for "Surfer Girl" to dedicate to my dad. I told them it was my going away party and they put me on the recorder. Two hours later I was on the radio. Everyone at the party knew so that we were all listening for it, except my dad, who was "blown away." We danced together during the song. It was so great, my mom, Aunt Jeanne, and Linda all had tears in their eyes.

When I first got to the party Melissa was there already (she had just got there) and she got me a picture frame with four pics of her and me in it. It was so that I had a stand-in roommate for whenever I needed one. So if I'm seen talking to (or ranting at, or crying to) a picture frame, at least she'll understand.

Right after I got that my dad came over and gave me this baseball cap my mom bought for him to give to me. It's a light pink satin in front and on the rim and it says in white embroidered letters "Daddy's Girl." SOOOO me. I am my father's firstborn and I'll always be his little girl. And I of course love that. I wore the cap all night.

I also got some lotion from Linda with the message "take care of you." And the Corcoran's gave me a $40 Target gift card. My uncle Jeff and Tom gave me a card with money, too. And Liz got me a road atlas (I can't wait to take my first road trip) and other things that she left at home so I'll get them on Tuesday before I leave. I really wasn't expecting to get gifts, so I think I made out pretty well. At least I know I can pick up some furniture from Target when I get to Texas.

My sister Kelsey had this great idea. I have this big cardboard cutout of Scooby and Shaggy that Troy got me awhiiiiiiile ago. Kelsey thought we should have everyone at the party sign it so I could take it with me. It turned out really cool, until my uncle Fred wrote on it "You know what's in Texas? Steers and queers!" Now I'll have to hide it anytime someone comes over :) My dad's was my favorite. Instead of writing something sweet like my mom did (I miss you already) he drew a stick figure (the only kind of people my dad ever does, too, Jordan) of himself right under Scooby's paw and wrote next to it "get this damn dog off me!" Yes, my father. Gotta love him.

Lots of talking, lots of great people. At about 10 or so I also realized quite abruptly that I was not going to see some of these people again for a long time. And it also hit me that I've taken for granted that my parents have always been right around the corner for me, and in a few days I won't be able to see them anytime I need them. I am moving across (and down) the country in two days. TWO DAYS. Wow. Yeah, I cried a bit. And I will probably bawl on Tuesday night.

All in all I loved every minute. Wish more people could have been there.
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