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So I'm here in Austin. I'm staying with the parents of the assistant principal's wife, who is also a teacher at Redeemer. The whole school and church is one big family, honestly. Everyone is so friendly and nice. It's been really wonderful.

Today I went to Covert Ford to see about buying a car. It looks like I'm going to get a 2005 Ford Focus. I'm so excited. My first car is going to be brand new. It's probably going to be a two door hatchback, maybe in red or blue, if I'm lucky. I told the salesman I wasn't too picky about color, I'd rather it be afordable.

I started calling and talking to people about apartments. Never trust the pictures in the books. I had earmarked a couple of pages that sounded good and I found out they were not in the best neighborhoods. But I have a few good choices now, and either this weekend or next week I'll probably drive over to some. I'm not getting kicked out of here anytime soon, but I really want to find my own place as quickly as I can. I've been really reluctant to unpack, which makes it hard to get ready in the morning.

I met the most adorable 2 year old today. She took my hand and wrapped me around her little finger all at once. Her dad is one of the other middle school teachers; he seems really great and it will be fun to work with him. I met the Spanish teacher, too. And one of the elementary school teachers who is about the only other unmarried childless twenty-something. So maybe we'll bond over that. I'm so excited about everything. Sometime next week when it all hits me at once and I still haven't quite figured out what the heck I'm even teaching I'm sure I'll have a nervous breakdown, but it'll be okay.

Tomorrow Lisa (the daughter of the people I'm staying with) and her mother are taking me out to an outlet mall just south of Austin. It should be fun, even if I have to be ready to leave by 8 in the morning. Apparently it's tax-free weekend, which means I'll probably end up buying something on credit card, since I can't let myself spend any cash right now. I'm really hoping I can afford the car and the apartment downpayments before I get paid so that I don't have to wait to move, but I guess I'll just have to see.

I guess I should get ready for bed. Goodnight all.

Meetings and everything start on Monday, and I'll try to post more later!
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