Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

"I don't always thank you for the tough days and the hard times in my life (even though I should)"

First day of meetings.

I practically had a breakdown at about 4:00. I semi-cried for a bit while on the phone with Jordan. I really should have just let myself all-out bawl but I don't really like crying in public, although I still looked a wreck when I went down to the office to get a ride home. Can't wait for my car, which, speaking of, I got a call about today. It was just a "call me back" message, but Dan* told me he saw Pete** today and Pete said something positive about some figures I was waiting for. The only thing I can think of that he might have been talking about is either an additional discount for being just out of college or simply finding what I wanted in a color and price range that I wanted. Either way is great.

I should start a list of things I've learned from this experience. So far I've learned that the smallest things can be the most comforting. This summer I watched a lot of "Will and Grace" on WGN. Well, today I got back from work and no one was watching the tv so I commandered it and flipped channels and suddenly realized that "W & G" was on, and just watching it, because it was something that I had done all summer, was such a comfort. So was the chocolate that Glen offered me, but that's just a woman thing.

I've also learned that anything I can find that's familiar is something to cling to and that I regret more than ever losing touch with old friends. I talked to Troy for over an hour yesterday on the phone and it was wonderful.

I have no idea when I'm going to go look at apartments. I really wanted to be moved in before school started, but I think for that to have been a reality I should moved here a month ago. Right now, I'm really really wishing I had moved here a month ago. I've had a couple of people offer to take me around to apartments, but I really don't know when to plan on actually having time to do that.

"Hate Every Beautiful Day" is a wonderful song to listen to when you feel like breaking down.

I hope hope hope I get some sleep tonight. I'm sure getting about four hours total (I'm going to go ahead and blame Jordan for that since he didn't sleep at all) did not help my peace of mind today.

I guess that's enough for today. Let's hope tomorrow I keep sane.

*Dan and his wife Lois are the people with whom I'm staying.
**Pete is the person at the dealership from whom I'm buying my car.

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