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Best weekend ever (so far)

I had a really fun weekend with Jordan. We laughed so hard catching up on Red vs. Blue that we hadn't seen yet. I must say, they are definitely talented if they can keep something like that so funny after so much time.

We drove around Baylor and walked around Truett, and I must say that it is neat to see a real university. And Jordan is so happy about his school and so excited to be there, it's really great to finally see him so settled.

We also watched The Terminal, which he hadn't seen yet and really enjoyed.

Jordan mentioned this in his entry, and I hadn't realized it until I read it, but it's true: our relationship is already growing now that we're closer in distance and can see each other more often. It's such a wonderful feeling, too.

My apartment is starting to look a little more like an apartment. I bought a tv table and a tv to go on it (20" looks huge in my apartment, I'm not sure I'll need anything bigger like ever) and a stand to hold tapes and dvds (I need another one I have way too many tapes) and I put them all together (well not the tv I bought that assembled) by myself and I carried them up two flights of stairs by myself too. Go me, I rock.

Today I get my queen-sized mattress and I will be able to sleep without my feet hanging off the end. YAY! I think I have made all the extra purchases I can afford this pay period, so I have to wait another two weeks for the box spring and I might have a bedframe but it might only be a full, someone is checking on it. Jordan mentioned that it's cool the way he's living in a furnished apartment and I'm buying all this furniture, that way when we do get married and move in together we won't have two of everything. This is true however...I WILL OWN EVERYTHING! Muaa haa haa!!! Sorry, Tim Allen moment there.

School is progressing along pretty well. I'm a little behind in grading, but I hope to fix that today and tomorrow. Tomorrow is back to school night so I get to see a lot more parents, yay! Or not.'s still really hard to make myself focus sometimes, but overall it's getting better and I'm starting to settle in a bit.

I'm still not getting enough sleep but that is partly because I slept in a lot this weekend. And I desperately need to do laundry. I think I'm going to get Chick-Fil-A today for dinner; I don't know if I feel like cooking.
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