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Labor Day Weekend

Well, I've had a great weekend marred by small bouts of terrible period-induced mood swings.

Jordan came to see me on Thursday night because I couldn't stop crying on the phone. I thought I was overdrawn and couldn't afford rent. Luckily that all worked out. God loves me. I have now tried (again) to make a budget and hopefully I'll stick to it a little better. New month, we'll see.

Friday I let my students play a math game in class. That was fun. That was because I had not slept and felt like crap from all the crying the night before.

Friday Jordan made me a really nice spaghetti dinner, with garlic bread and salad and wine. It was really sweet.

Saturday we slept in, and went shopping. I bought something really cool too. As soon as something happens I'll tell everyone what I bought. Then we went to the park and stupid mood swings occurred. Then we went home and things got better. We played Simpson's Uno and Jordan whooped me (in Uno).

Sunday we went to church, and then picked up some furniture that one of the teacher's father gave me. I now have a coffee table and matching end table, a couch and matching chair, a dining room table and two chairs, all for the price of a UHaul pickup (~$50). That saved me sooooooo much money. And they're really nice things, in good condition.

And today I've been trying to catch up on grading. Now I'm taking a break. Blah, I don't want to do any more and I'm only about half done. Ah, well. Such is life.

Oh, and I talked to Anne this weekend and that was lots of fun, too. Miss her. And a few other CURF people. Need to make some phone calls.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their break!

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